Best Exercises for Arthritis Management

People with arthritis suffer from reduced mobility, joint stiffness and an immense amount of pain. On the contrary, it is the exercises that make their condition better. It helps reduce stiffness and fatigue and increases mobility by imparting strength to the joints. However, if you have arthritis and you are planning to adopt an exercise regime, then you must know what is best for you and what are the limitations.

What’s the importance of exercise?

With your current arthritis medication, only pain and inflammation will get controlled, but the physical exercise will help in the following ways;

  • Impart strength to the joints
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase bone strength and density
  • Build Stamina and energy to perform daily chores
  • Help you to get rid of obesity
  • Increases quality of life
  • Improves balance and core strength

What are the best exercises for arthritis?

We have gathered a list of various exercises that you can perform daily for extensive arthritis management. However, we recommend you to consult with your orthopaedic doctor before performing the workouts. Your doctor always knows what is best for you. Following are some types of exercises that can help manage arthritis;

  • Strengthening exercises regime

As the name suggests, these exercises help you increase joint and muscles strength. Following are some examples:

    • Weight training 
    • Lifting dumbbells is an example of strength exercise. 
    • Bench press
    • Lateral pulldown
    • Barbell

Also, make note that you should not exercise the same set of muscles two days back to back since resting is equally important. If your joints get swollen take a few days to break.

Strength exercises are a hard form of training. Hence, two days in a week would be sufficient enough to strengthen your muscles and joints.

  • Range-of-motion exercise regime

Range-of-Motion exercises can easily be renamed as Boon-for-People-with-Arthritis Exercises, since, it provides that one ability that every arthritis patient lacks- The Ability to Move. 

These exercises bring back your range of motion and your flexibility by reducing the stiffness in joints. The torn ligaments get their lubrication back. They are quite simplistic as they consist of exercises such as 

    • Raising your arms
    • Rotating your shoulders. 
    • General flexing of the body is quite efficient if done gently and regularly.
  • Yoga and Aerobics Exercise Regime

Yoga and aerobics are also known as endurance exercises. They help increase overall strength and stamina and empower joints and muscles to move freely. Yoga is known to cure even the toughest of arthritis. Asana such as tadasana (Tree Posture), Titli asana (Butterfly Posture), Surya Namaskar, Dhanur asana (Bow Posture) has proven very effective for many people suffering from arthritis.

Although aerobics is more exhausting, they are quick and comparatively easier to perform. People of all age relish performing aerobics. Walking, bicycling and swimming are some of the best examples of low-impact aerobic exercises. These are quite easy to perform without putting much pressure on the joints.

So, all your body needs are some motion that includes flexing of your joints. A daily walk to the grocery store, taking stairs whenever possible, dusting and cleaning of your house and performing other everyday jobs are also quite helpful in reducing inflammation.


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