Bone Health: How to keep your bone healthy

Bone Health: How to keep your bone healthy

The human skeleton is a framework on which the human body sustains. Bones are the fundamental part of the human body, which means the entire human body is dependent on bones to stay in shape and to move as well. Bones are responsible for providing protection and movement to the human body. Bones are the storehouse of minerals, and it also helps in the release of hormones in the human body. Bones also protect all of our internal organs from external shocks; for example, the rib cage is made up of bones that protect our heart and lungs, and the skull protects our brain.

Bones make us sit, move, walk, and sleep. Meaning, the joints make us flex our hands, fingers, legs, and knees that enable us to walk. Apart from these roles, bones also store various essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which is released when our body needs it. So, even if a single bone out of the total 206 gets broken or damaged, it will hinder our daily life and can also turn out to be fatal.

What Affects Bone Health

Many reasons affect Bone Health, which is listed below:

  • Less amount of Calcium in your Diet
    Low calcium in your diet can lead to diminishing in your bone density. Low calcium weakens your bone, and it increases the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Addiction to tobacco and alcohol
    Tobacco and alcohol have many dangerous side effects. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco develops a higher risk of osteoporosis.
  • Gender
    Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis than men because women have less bone tissue than men.
  • Age
    As you grow old, your bones become weaker. It develops the risk of fracture and osteoporosis.
  • Eating junk food
    The most adverse effect of eating junk food is it causes osteoporosis.
  • Medication
    Using a particular medication for an extended period may cause bone loss and makes your bone weaker. Some usual medications frequently include steroids, phenytoin, etc.

How to maintain Bone Health?

We often overlook our bone health unless we suffer from a problem. In a country like India, every fifth person has a calcium deficiency, which ultimately leads to weaker bones. But it's never too late to reclaim our health and for that following measures can be taken:

  • Consume Calcium-rich food
    Calcium is a vital mineral for building strong bones. Calcium is the main mineral found in bones. It is essential to include calcium in your diet as it helps in maintaining the structure of bones and strengthens the bone. Spread the calcium throughout the day by involving calcium-rich food from the below list at each meal.
  1. Milk
    Milk is known as a healthy drink because of its range of nutritious value. Milk is a good source for calcium, and calcium is good for bones and teeth.
  2. Cheese
    Cheese offers a lot of benefits to health. Cheese has an adequate amount of calcium present in it. It depends on the individual, the type and amount of cheese you consume.
  3. Yogurt
    Including yogurt in your diet increases nutrition intake in your body. Eating yogurt can improve your bone health, as it is rich in calcium and protein.
  4. Green vegetables
    Some of the green vegetables provide calcium and vitamin k, which is vital for bone health.
  5. Beans
    Beans are also a good source of calcium which promotes bone health.
  • Vitamin-D level
    Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, a vital mineral for bone health. The best sources of Vitamin D are soy milk, cheese, and egg yolk.
  • Strength exercises
    Daily exercise helps you to maintain muscle health. Bones become stronger when you exercise daily. Exercise such as walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, playing tennis, and dancing are best for your bones; But if you have health problems such as heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity, it is advised that you consult a doctor before performing any exercise.
  • Consume protein
    A high protein diet links with the protection of bone health. Protein plays a vital role in building strong bones. People who include protein in their diet have a much lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Some of the great sources of protein are the egg, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.), Beans, etc.

We can easily conclude that bone health is vital to lead a healthy and normal life if it is not taken care of, then we may suffer from various diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, and even causes a fracture. All such conditions are painful. If you are concerned about your bone health, consult a bone specialist and discuss your bone health issues to get proper guidance to improve your bone health;

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