Expert Tips to Maintain Good Posture and Why it Matters

The Importance of Good Posture and How to achieve it!

We often forget the importance of a good posture and how it’s not only limited to the way we look. Rather it affects many of our physiological systems, from a better digestive system to a more relieved nervous system, a good body posture goes a long way. Read along to know the might of a good posture and how to achieve it. 

Here are some benefits of having a Good Posture:

Better Posture Better Digestion- A bad posture affects muscles and their abilities to hold outer body structure and inner as well. A good body posture is always helpful with the digestion process. 

  • When It Comes To Backbone

A good and bad body posture has a direct effect on the backbone and almost all essential bones and organs too. Most of the back problems can be cured with just a single change in your posture. 

  • Health-Related Issues

Issues like Chest Pain, Joint Pain and most of the pleural cavity pains are often caused due to incorrect body posture. Proper posture provides better respiration and more stable functioning of muscles in the pleural cavity. 

  • Toned Structure

The proper practice of good body posture provides better muscle working which leads to the stable development of bones and results in better growth providing toned body structure. 

  • Better Personality

Having a good body posture leads to the development of personality and excellent body growth. Everyone desires to have a good personality and everyone deserves too, and good posture will get it done. 

  • Better Concentration

You’ll find it strange but your body posture indeed has to deal with focus and concentration on your mind processing. Good body posture improves concentration power by relaxing muscles and brain. 

 How to achieve a Good Posture?

Achieving a good body posture is not a tough task, it is a matter of resilience, you will have to keep reminding yourself to sit straight, walk carefully and sit properly. If you wish you can even put up signboards in your workspace or your home that reminds you to maintain a good body posture. It depends on the smallest ways that you carry your body every day. 

The Three S they are as follows

  • Standing

While standing you must focus on your shoulders to be aligned with your ankles. Make sure that all your 33 vertebrae are in a straight line and from a side profile, there should be only three little curves on the backbone, one from neck area another one from shoulder and the last, slightly from your lower back area. You can also buy a Shoulder Corrector online.

  • Sitting

While sitting on the chair put your back straight and near to chair making 90 degrees with Backbone And Thigh Bones. Do the same with Thigh and Calf Area. Later on, change your surroundings like adjust your computer monitor if working on pc or adjust your car seat accordingly, also while driving your car, your head should be more than 4 inches away from headrest. Car’s safety arrangements will work properly if you follow proper body posture, as they are made accordingly.

  • Sleeping

Contrary to popular practice, a Bad Sleeping Posture affects your body to a large extent. While sleeping always use pillows not only for the neck but also for the different body parts. Research shows that you can use pillows whenever there is a gap between the mattress and your body. While repositioning always take your body as a single unit and shift firmly with stable movement. Your mattress is also responsible for your proper or improper sleeping posture, always choose a mattress that provides your backbone full support and complete comfort. 

Having a good body posture saves our bones from getting deteriorated.

These were some basic tips about how to achieve a good body posture, but if you still have doubts about your posture and you are struggling to get it right, it is suggested that you see a physiotherapist.


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