Healthy Ways to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis

Loss of mass and bone density makes our bones thinner, and pores start developing in them. Ultimately, this condition leads to frequent bone fractures and pain.

These are some signs that can indicate Osteoporosis. The cause for such a condition might be anything, from genetics to your gender; from reduced physical activity to poor lifestyle practices. But its prevention and management would be similar for most of the cases. Following are some essential instructions or steps that you should follow:

Thicker bones in adolescence are less likely to break in old-age.

Physical Exercise for Strengthening

  • Weight-bearing exercises are best for our bones. Bones and muscles are quite alike, both get stronger when we perform a Weight-bearing workout; Exercising puts physical force on our body, which makes our bones work against gravity, and as a result, bones and muscles get broader and stronger. Hence, exercising is vital for bone and muscle strengthening. Dancing, climbing stairs, running, yoga, and aerobics are some useful exercises that you can perform quickly.
  • Strength training is equally effective in building stronger bones and muscles. It makes your bones and muscles resilient that protects it from breakage.
  • Physiotherapy can also help with osteoporosis. It helps strengthen your bones and muscles and prevents bone thinning, reduce pain. It is essential to appoint a certified physiotherapist to get the best results from physiotherapy.

A Diet for Restoring Density

A healthy diet is necessary to stay fit and healthy. Unhealthy lifestyle leads to loss of calcium in the bones, which makes it weaker and thin. Including calcium-rich food in your diet helps in supplying the adequate amount of calcium to your bones. It decreases the chance of developing osteoporosis. Following are some food items rich in calcium;

  • Soy milk, yoghurt, and refined cheese
  • Tuna, sardines and salmon fish
  • Spinach and broccoli
  • Cereals especially barley

Another main nutritional element that makes our bones stronger and healthier is Vitamin D. Following are some sources of Vitamin D;

  • Natural sunlight is the best way to fulfil our Vitamin D requirement
  • Fishes like mackerel and salmon
  • Milk and milk products like cheese and yoghurt
  • Beet-root

Although calcium is present in various food items, Vitamin D is rarely present in natural food items. Hence to fulfil the requirement of Vitamin D in your body, a doctor may prescribe Vitamin D supplements.

Better Lifestyle for Damage Prevention

Unhealthy lifestyle practices have always been the worst enemy of a healthy person. Poor lifestyle practices make our bones weaker, and we start seeing the symptoms as we grow older.

Unhealthy lifestyle practices such as;

  • Smoking

Smoking is a cause of many health problems, including osteoporosis. Several research studies have found smoking as a primary cause for osteoporosis. The best thing smoker can do to prevent osteoporosis is to quit smoking.

  • Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption leads increases the risk of fracture of the hip, spine, and wrist. Excessive alcohol consumption absorbs the calcium from the bones, making them weaker. 

Medications for Recovery

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are commonly available in the market that may restore the damages and fulfil our body’s calcium and Vitamin D requirement. But not a single medicine is supposed to be taken without consulting a doctor.


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