Neck Pain: Causes and Treatment

 What is Neck Pain?

Our neck consists of the vertebral column, ligaments, and muscles surrounding it. It has an extra protective layer since our neck connects the spinal cord to the brain. However, due to multiple reasons the muscles and ligaments that constitute the neck suffer some kind of shock, injury or stiffness which results in Neck Pain.

Major Causes of Neck Pain

  • Bad posture

Generally, neck pain is caused due to bad posture and overusing the neck by putting in a certain discomfort. Poor Posture can strain your neck muscles which can cause pain in your neck.

  • Sleeping in the same posture for a long time

Sleeping in the same posture can lead to stress in the neck muscle. It is preferred not to sleep on your stomach because it may twist your neck for a long time which can strain your neck muscles and cause pain in your neck when waking up.

  • Desk sitting

One of the major reasons for neck pain can be sitting for a long period on your desk in the same posture which unfortunately causes postural strain in the neck, back, and shoulders. If you work continuously your muscles fatigue and cause more pain in your neck. 

  • Whiplash

A sudden jerk at the neck is called Whiplash. Any sort of sports injury or accident may cause Whiplash which leads to neck pain, stiffness, and headache.

  • Meningitis

Your brain is surrounded by membranes. Inflammation in these membranes and spinal cord can cause a stiff neck. It is also called Meningitis.

Treatment for Neck Pain

It depends upon the diagnosis so that the doctor knows what are the factors responsible for it, after a series of diagnostic tests like X-rays, MRI, and blood tests the doctor might suggest the following:

  • Improving the bad posture

Every person now and then has suffered from neck pain when they woke up. Using the right pillow height while sleeping can help prevent neck pain. Some people with neck pain prefer to sleep on there back with a pillow under each arm which supports arms and helps in taking off the strain from the neck.

  • Heat and Cold Therapy

Applying an ice pack on the painful area of the neck can help decrease inflation and prevent swelling. Heat treatment helps in proper blood flow and it also helps in muscle relaxation. Alternate use of heat and cold may help reduce pain. Never Put extreme heat or put direct ice on the skin.

  •  Physiotherapy

According to the pain level and diagnose by a specialist, various exercise is recommended for neck pain. A well trained cervical spine specialist can help in evaluating the neck pain and suggest a proper exercise program. If while performing exercise your neck feels painful, it should either be modified or discontinued.

  • Analgesics

Analgesics are drugs that help in relieving pain. They are popularly known as pain killers. A doctor may prescribe you analgesics for short term pain relief. A person consuming analgesics drugs must precisely follow the doctor's instruction. Every drug has its side effects so, be sure to inform your doctor about potential risks and medication is taken to treat other medical problems such as for eg, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

  • Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Exercise and stretches help to loosen a tense neck, get rid of pain and gain flexibility. Proper exercise helps in making your muscles strong that that can help you get rid of pain in your neck, shoulder, and arms. Consult a doctor before starting the exercise.

  • Traction Methodologies

Cervical Traction is the term used for traction of the spine. It is a well-known treatment for neck pain. Cervical traction is the type of device that stretches your head away from your neck which creates expansion and relaxes muscles. This helps in pain relief and increases flexibility. Generally, it's safe to perform Cervical traction but discussion with your physiotherapist is adviced.

  •  Acupuncture Technique

Acupuncture technique was developed in china for the treatment of acute neck pain caused by stiffness. This technique helps relieve pain.

  • Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is performed by an expert. Chiropractic Treatment helps in examining and treating the spine and joints to relieve neck and back pain by feeling or moving it with the hand. Chiropractic therapy does not involve any type of medication which is why it is considered by many people.

  • Massage Therapy

Massage regularly helps in keeping your entire body free from pain. Particularly, Massage helps to relieve stress from the muscles and make muscles flexible.

If your neck pain is severe or doesn't respond to treatment visit the doctor as soon as possible before it gets worse. A doctor may perform various tests to figure out the cause.


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